Visit to Chelsea in London on Thursday 3rd October 2019

We will begin the day at Chelsea Old Church. There has probably been a church here ever since Christianity came to England but most people will know it as Thomas More’s church. It is truly a history book built of stone. Every monument, memorial, piece of glass, book or tapestry tells part of the story of this first parish church in the village of Chelsea. The Verger will talk to us in the church and then I have asked Meg Ryder to take us on a guided walk through Chelsea Old Town. Anyone who came on the Tower of London day will know how knowledgeable she is. Our route will take us through the attractive back streets of Chelsea and we will end up at St. Luke’s Church in Sydney Street in time for lunch in the excellent church café. Following this, the Revd Brian Leathard, Rector of St. Luke’s, will meet us and give a talk about the church from its beginnings in 1818 when it was built as the principal parish church in Chelsea.

After lunch there will be another fifteen minute walk to Holy Trinity in Sloane Street. We will have a full guided tour of the church and a short talk about its history followed by refreshments. I am hoping it will also be possible to end the day with a short service.

To apply to this visit, please see the Members Tab at the top and select Future Visits. There you will find an application form to download, print out and send by post or by email to Amanda Ponsonby.