Rectory Gardens to Visit

There are many beautiful gardens belonging to Old Rectories, Old Vicarages, Old Parsonages, Abbeys and Priories which are part of the National Garden Scheme list of gardens open to the public in order to raise money for the NHS.  The gardens are normally open to the public in the spring, summer and autumn.

Both last year and some of this year most of these gardens have had to remain closed because of the pandemic.  During this time the NGS found a way for us to be able to see these gardens ‘virtually’.  It was and still is a wonderful way of enjoying gardens and learning from what the owners tell us about them during these virtual tours.  To enjoy viewing these filmed gardens, simply cut and paste the link into any browser and it will take you to the NGS site where you can pick and choose any garden and virtually enjoy it.

We have made a ‘special list’ of old rectory, vicarage, parsonage, glebe and abbey gardens that are normally open to the public in a normal year.  You can check if these gardens have been put on the NGS virtual list.  Some already have, but others are still being added.

The good news is that, now that the pandemic situation has eased somewhat,  many gardens have opened up to the public and can be booked by prior arrangement.  Do look at the list of open gardens on the NGS website.  Look out for Old Rectory, Vicarage, Parsonage, Glebe and Abbey gardens amongst that list.

For further information, please log yourself in as a Member:  go to the Members Tab and select Log In, put in your Username and Password (if you have forgotten it do get in touch with   Once you have successfully logged in, select, from the Members Tab, the Rectory Gardens to Visit.