Suggested Reading

The Rectory Society is constructing a listing of suggested reading of books that people may find of use or relevant to the world of rectories and vicarages whether historical, fictional or conservation linked. If you have other book suggestions to help us build our offering, please do let us know. See Contact Us page.

A Field Guide to the English Clergy
The Revd Fergus Butler-Gallie, Oneworld Publications, 2018

The Wry Romance of the Literary Rectory
Deborah Alun-Jones, Thames & Hudson, 2013

Journal of a Somerset Rector 1803-1834 – John Skinner
Edited by Howard and Peter Coombs, Introduction Essay by Virginia Woolf, published by Oxford University Press 1985 ISBN 0-19-281416-8

More Tea Less Vicar! – How to survive living in an English Country Vicarage when you’re not the Vicar!
Jill Fraser, Brewin Books

History and Geography of English Religion: Rectories, Vicarages, Clergy, Chapels, Peculiars, Guilds and Chantries (Paperback)
Frank Hansford-Miller, Abcado, 1990

England’s 1000 Best Churches
Simon Jenkins, Penguin, 2000

England’s 1000 Best Houses
Simon Jenkins, Penguin, 2004

The English Parsonage in the Early 19th Century
Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Spire Books, 2008

The Old Rectory – The Story of the English Parsonage
Anthony Jennings (2nd Edition now available)

The Old Vicarage Much Wenlock
Marion Brettle, Ellingham Press, 2009

Church and Countryside
Tim Gibson, SCM Press, 2010

Tracing the History of Your House
Peter Bushell, Pavilion Books

Cathedrals of  The Church of England
Janet Gough, Heritage Publishers

Kate Tiller, Bloomsbury Shire Publications
ISBN: 9781784421373 or via Amazon

At Home – A Short History of Private Life
Bill Bryson, Transworld Publishers
ISBN: 9781784161873


The Chronicles of a Courtier:  A History of Stanton Court

Hobnob Press 2006  ISBN 0-946418-44-6


The English Parsonage
B. Anthony Bax, Published 1964 by John Murray

The Parsonage in England – Its History and Architecture
Alan Savidge, Published 1964 by SPCK

Kilvert’s Diary 1870-1879
Selections from the Diary of Revd Francis Kilvert
Edited by William Plomer, Penguin Books Reprinted 1986

The Diary of a Cotswold Parson
Reverend F. E. Witts 1783-1854
Edited by David Verey, by Amberley Publishing 2008

The Diary of a Cotswold Parson
Reverend F. E. Witts 1783-1854
Edited by Alan Sutton, FSA, in 10 volumes, published by Fonthill Media

Church Life in England in the 13th Century
J. R. H. Moorman, Cambridge Universisty Press 1945

The English Clergy and their
Organisation in the Later Middle Ages
A. Hamilton Thompson, Oxford University Press 1947

The Diary of a Country Parson
Parson James Woodforde

Old Came Rectory – Dorset Home of Willam Barnes – Thomas Hardy’s mentor
by Sedley Proctor, published in 2016 by Leopard Publishing Venues Ltd. ISBN:978-0-9574550-6-1

A Thousand Years of the English Parish by Anthea Jones, published by The Windrush Press in 2000, ISBN:  1 900624 50 8

Why Living in an Old Rectory remains the Ultimate Dream for House Hunters” – Article by Eleanor Doughty in the Daily Telegraph 30th July 2017 – Why living in an old rectory remains the ultimate dream for house hunters

The New Old Rectory – An Article by Clive Aslet in the Daily Telegraph on 4th August 2007 – Clive Aslet Article on New Old Rectories

The Life and Times of Revd John Reddaway Luxmoore by Dr. Ian Pykett ISBN 978-1-910489-82-6

Fulham Palace gardens. Credit to be given "Matthew Bruce".